Advanced Composite Material for the Infrastructure Industry

Composite materials are paving the way for the evolution of the infrastructure industry. Built with improved durability and strength compared to traditional materials like wood, steel, and concrete, advanced composite materials like epoxy and carbon are helping the infrastructure industry build and repair longer lasting, corrosion-resistant structures.

At Composites One, we believe the foundation of every solid infrastructure is the composites material with which it is made. As the leading provider of advanced composites in North America, we supply the infrastructure industry with long-lasting, durable composite construction material like epoxy and carbon fiber, among others. Take a moment to learn more about what makes advanced composites a real solution to these industries, and how you can benefit from planting the foundation of your infrastructure in the trusted expertise of our Composites One team.

Why Choose Advanced Composite Construction Materials for Your Next Infrastructure Project?

Advanced composite materials offer several distinct advantages to the infrastructure industry compared to traditional materials like wood, steel, and concrete. In addition to the longer lifecycle and sustained integrity and durability of advanced composites, these materials offer the following benefits compared to traditional materials:

  • A high resistance to rust, corrosion and deterioration.
  • An extended lifecycle.
  • Increases fiscal savings due to longer sustainability.
  • A high strength to weight ratio.
  • Improved design flexibility.

Because of these benefits, the infrastructure industry is embracing advanced composite construction materials like epoxy and carbon fiber. Epoxy is a composite that improves the mechanical strength of the finished part, while carbon fiber is an extremely strong and durable composite material that is resistant to temperature and thermal expansion.

How to Learn More About Advanced Composite Materials

To learn more about composites material, contact one of our advanced composites specialists by filling out the form below. We provide custom fulfillment and quick delivery times so your project does not lose momentum while waiting for materials. We have the best composite products and the leading customer service in North America, which is why we are the largest advanced composites provider in the United States and Canada. Contact us today for more information.