Avoid the Hazards of the Job with Personal Protection Equipment

Many workers are exposed to chemicals or substances on the job site, specifically in industries such as corrosion and infrastructure. Other industries, such as aerospace and ballistics/defense, require workers to work in somewhat dangerous locations or near potentially dangerous machinery. To help prevent injury due to machinery or chemicals exposure in the workplace, Composites One teams up with the leading manufacturers of personal protection equipment (PPE) to provide you with the safety gear your team needs. 

Types of Personal Protection Equipment Needed Per Industry

Each industry that works with composite materials has a unique need for personal protection equipment. At Composites One, we work closely with companies in each industry to help determine the proper PPE needed to maintain a safe work environment. While each company may have unique needs that require special or additional PPE, these are the most common needs for personal protection gear based on the type of work being done:

  • Working with composite reinforcementsWhen working with composite reinforcements, protective gear such as a facemask and/or respirator is always recommended. When reinforcements are cut, small, sometimes microscopic fibers enter the air and can irritate the lungs and skin. While some people opt for a facemask or dust mask to prevent breathing in the fibers, a respirator offers better protection and prevents lung irritation caused by the composite dust. Because some people develop skin sensitivity to the fibers over time, such as rash and/or itching, gloves and long sleeves should be worn at the job site at all times. Additionally, it is recommended to wear safety glasses to prevent fibers from irritating the eyes. 
  • Working with resinsBecause working with resins requires a highly ventilated area, it is recommended for workers to wear respirators to prevent chemicals from entering the lungs. Additionally, liquefied resin can potentially cause harm if it comes in contact with the eyes or skin, so workers are required to wear safety glasses and gloves at all times. 

Keep Your Employees Safe with High Quality PPE

At Composites One, our technical specialists work closely with you to help ensure your work environment is safe and that your workers are equipped with the proper PPE to protect while on the job site. Contact us today to learn more about the personal protection equipment we offer and how we can help you keep safety as your top priority.