Canadian composites are helping people upgrade their boats

Canada is a country that’s producing more and more products from composites. This includes everything from airplane wings to composite decking materials. However, one type of Canadian composite product type that may have been overlooked is composite sailboat upgrades.

A few of the composite sailboat upgrades made in Canada

Composites have a long history in the marine sector. For instance, the first fiberglass hull was produced as far back as 1937. Many other industries rely on composite developments that were first devised for the marine industry. This is especially true considering that large composite parts fabrication staples like gel coats, multiaxial non-crimp fabrics, isophthalic polyester resins and advanced core materials began with the marine sector. So, it’s no surprise Canadian companies such as Competition Composites Inc. in Arnprior, Ontario, Canada are starting to offer a variety of sailboat upgrades made of composites.

One issue many people have is they want better performance from their sailboats, but it’s practically impossible to improve the performance of the hull itself once it’s been built. However, there are other boat parts whose performance can be improved thanks to composites. For instance, the low weight of composites may help to reduce overall boat weight and improve performance. Also, composite parts have superior corrosion resistance that means less time-consuming maintenance is required. Another benefit composites offer is they’re stronger than most metal or wood parts, which means they can tolerate higher winds and seas while maintaining great performance.

Some of the composite sailboat upgrades Canadian companies are offering to boat owners include:

  • Rudders
  • Spars
  • Spinnaker poles
  • Tillers

By upgrading sailboats with Canadian composite parts like these, boat owners may be able to achieve performance increases and lower their annual maintenance costs at the same time.

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