Leading Fiberglass Manufacturer Tailors Their Protective Clothing Program with Options from Lakeland

A Manufacturer of fiberglass blades to the wind turbine industry found employees were modifying their coveralls to suit different needs, based on type of work. Concerned with safety and worker comfort, they realized they needed more than a “one size fits all” disposable coverall solution.

Working with Composites One, a reviewing process within the facility was undertaken. It was determined that there were three unique areas to consider. First was the layout area where workers are working with the fiberglass matting and resins to form the blades within the molds. The second area involves removing the blade from its mold, and performing sanding and finishing work on the exterior of the blade. Lastly is a small group of workers who go up inside the finished blade to conduct an inspection and perform any additional fiberglass work that might be necessary.

An optimal solution for the manufacturer would also include a cost savings benefit.

Learn more about how Lakeland:

  • Identified individual manufacturing areas that needed different levels of protection
  • Presented protective clothing solutions for each of those areas
  • Color coded garments to allow workers to know which coverall they should be wearing

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