Polynt A 6170 A Flame Retardant Resin for Closed Molding

Polynt-Reichhold Group offers a full line of gel coats and resins for flame retardant applications including products meeting specifications for electrical, transportation, and architectural markets.  These products include traditional halogenated products and intumescent, halogen free offerings.  Products are available for open and closed mold applications.  One of the newest products in this line is Polynt A 6170 A.   Polynt A 6170 A is a flame-retardant unsaturated polyester resin that is specifically formulated for use in closed molding applications.  Parts made with Polynt’s 55X series FR gel coats and Polynt A 6170 A  can meet flame spread and smoke requirements for transportation applications.   Polynt A 6170 A is pre-promoted and capable of high filler loadings.  Polynt A 6170 A filled with ATH can be used to produce parts having superior surface cosmetics due to its high heat distortion temperature and resistance to post-cure.

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