Product Highlight: DION® FR 7772-00 Flame Retardant Resin

DION® FR 7772-00 is a specialty flame-retardant isophthalic based unsaturated polyester resin that features an ASTM E-84 Class I flame spread without fire retardant additives. DION® FR 7772-00 provides excellent fiberglass wet-out and positive resin curing performance, making it ideal for a variety of demanding flame-retardant FRP applications.


• Special flame-retardant formulation
• Corrosion Resistant
• Excellent fiberglass wet-out
• Manufactured using statistical process and quality controls

• Can achieve ASTM E-84 Class I flame spread without additives
• Ideal for a variety of hood and duct applications
• Minimizes voids and resin-starved areas
• Easy maintenance of resin-to-glass ratio
• Short turnover and fabrication times
• Consistent performance, batch to batch

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