Technical Bulletin: Selecting the Right Initiator

Akzo Nobel is the world’s largest producer of initiators for free radical polymerization of various monomers.
This product catalog lists many Akzo Nobel initiators for curing thermoset resins, coatings, speciality monomers and resins. These initiators are marketed under such well-known trademarks as Trigonox®, Perkadox®, Laurox® and Cadox®. The largest part of our initiators consists of organic peroxides (O-O initiators) which can be categorized into peroxy (di) carbonate, peroxyesters, diacylperoxides, peroxyketals, dialkyl peroxides and hydroperoxides. In addition, we supply Azo (N-N) and C-C initiators.
Main areas of application include curing of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins used in manufacture of fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP) such as bathroom fixtures, automotive body parts, chemical storage tanks, pipes and liners, furniture, boat hulls, fishing rods, light weight ladder rails, RV parts and architectural components.
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