Composite Materials Shorten Repair Time for Aerospace MRO Sector

Composite materials have proven beneficial to the aerospace industry over the past several years. As more aircrafts are designed with interior and exterior composite features, the Aerospace industry is recognizing the many benefits that these materials bring to the industry. One of the largest benefits of incorporating composite materials into the aerospace industry is the reduction of time spent on MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) tasks.

In 2016, Airbus reported a 60% reduction in corrosion- and fatigue-related MRO tasks since the A350 XWB integrated a large amount of composite materials. The percentage of time saved was based on the average amount of time required for a maintenance check and the average number of maintenance checks needed throughout the lifecycle of the aircraft.


How do composite materials reduce the need for aerospace MRO tasks?

Composite materials offer many benefits over traditional materials used in the Aerospace industry. Composites such as epoxy and carbon fiber are resistant to corrosion and maintain their structural integrity even in high temperatures. Epoxy, specifically, is flexible in its design, allowing manufacturers to adjust its viscosity based on the specifications needed.

Additionally, some composite materials offer the ability to be pre-impregnated with thermoplastic or thermoset resin in order to improve the thickness and strength of the material. These are called prepregs, and they are used in both interior and exterior functions of many aircrafts.


Adhesives and prepregs are getting aircrafts back in the air faster

Adhesives, such as epoxy, and prepregs are improving the time it takes get planes back in the air, which allows airlines to save time and ultimately money. The aerospace MRO sector is turning to a technique called bonded repairs, where a replacement patch is bonded to the damaged section of the plane using epoxy or an equivalent adhesive. This repair can be performed without having to remove large sections of the plane, and only requires 8-12 hours for the repair to be complete.

With the expedited process to repair minor structural damage to aircrafts, airlines are turning to composite materials to help them save money overall.


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