May 24, 2024 ~

Team Members from Composites One attended CLEANPOWER in Minneapolis, MN and SAMPE in Long Beach, CA. These leading events brought together top experts, engineers, and scientists from various industries, including Aerospace/Aircraft, Automotive, Marine, Wind Energy, and more.

Both shows featured groundbreaking innovations and cutting-edge technologies, making them essential destinations for our team. These events provided invaluable opportunities to engage with other market leaders who share our focus on advancing industry standards through innovation.

Attending both CLEANPOWER and SAMPE is part of our broader commitment to being more than just a supplier. We aim to be a trusted and reliable partner in our customers’ success, providing not just products but also the technical support and expertise our customers need to excel.

We would like to thank our customers and all those who expressed interest in learning more about Composites One. We look forward to connecting with you and supporting your goals of producing successful composites parts.