Composites One Partners with 3M to Offer Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protection equipment (PPE) is essential when working with composite and advanced composite materials. Protective gear such as respirators, gloves and helmets are a necessity in most composite-related industries to keep workers safe while on the jobsite.

At Composites One, we believe that worker safety should be a priority for every company in the composites industry. That is why we have partnered with several of the nation’s leading providers of personal protection equipment to provide durable, high quality protection gear to companies throughout North America. One of the companies we partner with to provide PPE is 3M. Not only known for its adhesives, 3M provides top quality personal protection equipment to Composites One so we can ensure our customers stay safe on the job.


Safety goggles, gloves and respirators

The three most common pieces of PPE necessary when working with composite materials are safety goggles, protective gloves and respirators. At Composites One, we partner with 3M to supply these products, as well as other PPE to keep your workers safe while on the jobsite.

Working with composite materials such as reinforcements requires a respirator and protective gloves to prevent the particles from entering your lungs or aggravating your skin. When reinforcements are cut, they produce a small, microscopic fiber that enters the air and can be breathed into the lungs. For this reason, respirators are required to be worn at all times when cutting composite materials to prevent lung damage. Additionally, these small particles often cause skin irritation. To avoid this, workers are required to wear protective gloves when working with this material.

Working with resin materials also poses a risk to employees. Because resins require a chemical reaction to transition from liquid to solid, workers are required to wear respirators and work in a well-ventilated area. Resins can also cause damage to the eye if contacted, so safety goggles and protective gloves are required for workers handling this material.


Composites One is committed to keeping your jobsite safe

Our HS&E Team is trained in OSHA requirements in regard to composite materials, and we can work with you to ensure your jobsite meets OSHA standards and that your workers are equipped with the proper protective gear. Contact our team today to learn more about the personal protection equipment we offer.