Composites One to Present Wind Energy Workshop in Boulder, CO, March 31 – April 1

Wind Energy Production for the Next Decade: Repair and Process Advancements for Manufacturing

During this two day workshop, presented by the Closed Mold Alliance, leading wind energy professionals will provide engaging presentations and hands-on demonstrations pertaining to the technologies and advancements in wind energy.

About the Workshop:

This workshop is focused on exploring advanced materials, new repair techniques and inspection processes, and informing the growing wind energy workforce on the basic manufacturing processes you need to know.

March 31 – April 1, 2020

National Wind Technology Center
Boulder, Colorado

About the Closed Mold Alliance:
The Closed Mold Alliance is comprised of three industry experts: Composites One, Magnum Venus Products (MVP), and RTM North Technologies. The Closed Mold Alliance operated with one mission in mind: to provide leadership, knowledge, training, and resources for the successful evolution of closed mold processes. This team of experts is dedicated to providing composites manufacturers with a complete closed mold solution. From introduction and education to tooling resources to implementation consultation, the Closed Mold Alliance is there to help!

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