Corrosion-resistant composites help protect steel

Steel is crucial to the operations of many industries across the world. Ever since steel became easier for humans to mass-produce, it’s been the go-to choice for construction and several other applications.

Steel offers many advantages, including production speed, low costs, high strength and ease of use. However, steel has one main disadvantage that causes it to weaken and break over time: corrosion.

How corrosion affects steel

A major component of steel is iron. Iron gives steel a lot of its strength and is an important ingredient in the production of steel. However, iron is highly susceptible to corrosion. When moisture and oxygen make contact with the surface of steel, corrosion begins, which leads to the development of rust.

As you’re aware, moisture and oxygen are very present in most environments around the world. Therefore, it becomes a priority of many businesses to use steel that is resistant to corrosion from the environment.

How composites help protect steel

Composites like carbon fibers, glass fibers and rapid cure resins contain properties that resist corrosion from moisture and oxygen. These composites can protect steel in humid environments as well as from salt water and corrosive chemicals. This makes composites a vital part of maritime industries or businesses that transport chemicals and materials in containers and through pipelines.

Protecting steel from corrosion with corrosion-resistant composites saves businesses a lot of money over time. The cost of repairing and replacing rusted steel is much higher than protecting it from damage with composites. Additionally, advancements in technology have reduced the time and expenses of producing corrosion-resistant composites. This means more businesses and industries can experience the benefits of composite materials, which helps save money and the environment.

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Does your business use steel for construction or other applications? If you want to protect your steel from corrosion from the harsh environment, ocean or chemicals, you need to use corrosion-resistant composites.

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