Epoxy Prepreg is a Prime Solution for Composites Tooling

AS9120 Certified composites market images

Composites tooling solutions enable manufacturers to produce finished molds with quality surface, dimensional stability, durability to meet demanding manufacturing requirements, and the ability to perform in various field applications.

Prepreg is a reliable tooling material for use in composites production because prepreg helps control variables such as resin content and thickness of the laminate for an even distribution of resin throughout the prepreg. The toughness and versatility of epoxy prepreg make it ideal for composites tooling in manufacturing processes for Aerospace applications and other demanding industries. Carbon fiber epoxy prepreg tooling material also delivers considerable time and cost savings.

Composites One supplies tooling prepregs that are low-temperature curing epoxy resin systems, suitable for manufacturing tools in simple and complex shapes and sizes. Epoxy tools are a reliable and cost-effective solution for composites manufacturing that offer many benefits across a range of industries, including Industrial, Marine, Automotive, and Transportation.

Composites tooling for Aerospace

Epoxy tools are especially useful for composites Aerospace tooling with many benefits, including:

  • Quality surface finish with accuracy and repeatability
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE)
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Withstands high temperatures
  • Fast curing at both low and high temperatures
  • Time and cost savings for increased productivity
  • Available in varying thicknesses
  • Extended tooling life
  • Thermal conductivity

Customers of Composites One can source epoxy prepreg tooling solutions from our reliable supply chain which includes frozen storage solutions and AS9120-certified distribution centers. Tooling materials are always in stock and ready to ship to give customers the benefits of reduced lead times and just-in-time delivery.

Composites One supplies tooling materials and supplies from leading manufacturers, with product selection and technical application experts who can help determine the right tooling materials for specific job requirements. Epoxy-based tooling materials available from Composites One are backed by leading technical support from experts in utilizing high-quality tooling in aero-composites and other industry manufacturing processes.

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