It’s Back – The Lean Mean Process Machine…Redux – LIVE at CAMX 2015

Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance Demonstrate Closed Mold and Advanced Processes at Booth #S94

Composites One, along with the Closed Mold Alliance and more than 20 industry partners, will present closed molding and advanced process demonstrations in a massive enclosed staging area – LIVE – at Booth #S94 during CAMX 2015 in Dallas, TX, October 27-29.

CAMX_Demo-CompositesOne (1)

It’s the Lean Mean Process Machine…Redux, an annual event designed to make composites manufacturers aware of manufacturing processes and technologies that can help them produce better parts. Presented at major industry events for over a decade, Composites One’s demos have ranged from building an entire sailboat, to presenting multiple smaller part demos nonstop.

“This year, we’ll present nine different types of market segment demos showing real-word parts made right on the show floor using a variety of closed mold and advanced processes,” said Composites One Director of Marketing Communications Marcy Offner.

The demos, parts being built and processes utilized include:

  • Wind Energy – Building a mini-nacelle (Reusable Bag Molding)
  • Consumer Recreation – Producing a skateboard (Reusable Bag Molding) and long board (Vacuum Infusion)
  • Corrosion – Constructing an Oil & Gas flange pipe (Light RTM)
  • Transportation – Two demos: Making a tractor hood (Light RTM) and motorcycle fender (Prepreg)
  • Marine – Building a boat dashboard (Light RTM)
  • Aerospace – Two demos: Making an airplane nose cone (Vacuum Infusion) and a fairing (3-D printed mold and Prepreg).

Attendees will also see a time-lapse video of the 3-D printed mold for the fairing being produced, talk one-on-one with closed mold and advanced process experts, and perhaps win a skateboard in this year’s raffle.

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