Kitting for Process Materials

At Composites One, our mission is to deliver innovative composites process materials and technology that create real value for our customers. We are more than a solutions provider. We develop, manufacture, and supply a wide range of products and services from vacuum bagging and process materials to kitting, tooling, and many other value-added products and services.

Our cost-effective kitting services are an example of our uniquely valuable technology and solutions. With process materials kits from Aerovac, customers can get process materials that are cut to their exact requirements and based on specified part dimensions. The time, cost, and waste savings are substantial versus buying and storing rolls and having shop employees cutting and shaping materials themselves, which can often lead to process inconsistency and quality variability.

The tailor-made process material kits reduce waste and increase productivity, saving customers time and money. Standardized working times help with production planning and, with a reduced margin for error, part quality is greatly improved.

The global leader for kitted process materials​

Aerovac is the global industry leader for kitted process materials, with customized solutions to meet broad industry challenges. We supply process consumables, advanced composite materials, and composite tooling to customers for all aerospace and industrial applications. Partnering with us lets manufacturers get back to manufacturing, with the confidence that they are maximizing efficiency, productivity, and output quality.

Our tailored kits are available for the most complex products, assemblies, sizes, and quantities, including:

  • 2D welded vacuum bag
  • Combination products
  • All-in-one combination kit
  • Stitched breather
  • 3D welded bag
  • Pre-folded bag with pleats (vacuum bagging film)
  • Pleated combination kit
  • Pre-cut format bag

Learn more about Aerovac kitted process materials and get support to select the kit option that best meets your needs.