Lightweight Composite Materials Used In Transportation Systems

Trains, planes and automobiles – and yes, even bicycles – use composites extensively. All the leading products in those transport categories take advantage of composite materials. Why are composites used in transportation?

Weight and Durability

Composites save on weight and they are superior in durability. A steel bicycle is subject to rusting and who wants to haul an extra 50 pounds of steel uphill when a composite cycle frame is available? Sure, they cost more, but they last longer too besides being a whole lot lighter to ride.

Why is weight saving so important in transportation?

Besides the example of using less individual energy to cycle uphill, think about all the trains, trucks, automobiles and ships that are running millions of miles a day. Even a 1% saving on fuel worldwide makes a massive contribution to making limited oil resources last longer while we work on solving the growing worldwide fuel crisis.