MasterCast Engineered composites

Products made by the MasterCast process include Engineered Composites and Solid Surface, each with its own unique properties.

Engineered Composites

By adding a small amount of natural marble, granite, or onyx into production, Engineered composites can successfully mimic the look of real stone incorporating additional benefits of custom shaping, design, and color. A “gel coat” coating, applied during the manufacturing process, results in a lifetime, high-gloss finish. Engineered composite products meet national standards to resist stains, water, heat, burns, chemicals, bacteria, and everyday wear-and-tear. These products are perfectly suited for the bathroom in applications such as custom countertops and vanities, custom showers and shower bases, as well as bathtubs and whirlpools.

Solid Surface

Solid Surface products are manufactured using high-performance resin systems, such as acrylic, resulting in a finished product that is so impervious to almost anything that life can bring its way that it doesn’t even need a coating. When mixed and poured into a mold, any shape and design—even embedding a company’s logo in the surface—is possible. These products are commonly used for custom countertops in any kitchen.

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