Process Materials from Aerovac Offer High Vacuum Integrity Needed in Marine Manufacturing

Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP) is making waves in the marine manufacturing segment for its ability to produce quality, consistent parts every time. High-quality vacuum bagging materials are some of the most important components to vacuum infusion and advanced processes. With high-quality process materials, including bagging and release films, manufacturers can achieve an airtight mold to control resin flow and achieve a consistent part every time.

Starting with quality tooling, along with materials that are cut to fit the mold, manufacturers can help achieve the optimal vacuum level necessary to ensure production success.

Process Materials from Aerovac

Aerovac offers high-quality process materials that marine manufacturers need for closed mold manufacturing processes like VIP. Vacuum bagging films are available with a range of thickness and other features like humidity resistance and high-temperature resistance.

Additional tailored formatting is designed to reduce labor costs as part of marine composites manufacturing. Vacuum bagging film, along with other vacuum infusion consumables, can be purchased in pre-cut kits to save time on the production floor and to offer a fixed cost for customers. Aerovac vacuum bagging and process materials are available in simple predetermined shapes and dimensions to complex multi-layer integrated vacuum bag assemblies. Customers can reduce labor associated with preparing and cutting process materials with pre-cut kitting services, so they can focus on end production goals. The tailoring process also reduces inconsistency and quality variability.

In addition to bagging film and kits, Aerovac also manufacturers other high-quality process materials, such as release films. Like vacuum bags, Aerovac’s release films are also available in a range of products formulated to meet a variety of composite manufacturing applications. Release films can be slit to width, cut to shape, and welded into complex 3D shapes.

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