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Thermoplastic polymer resins are used in the thousands of plastic items that surround our daily lives. These resin are used to produce bottles, packaging containers, toys, appliances, electronics housings, automotive interiors and thousands of other products. They are heat-formed in processes such as injection molding, or blow molding. Most commonly thermoplastics are molded as “neat” resins, that is, without fiber reinforcement. However, the addition of fiber reinforcement can enhance the properties of these materials and create a broader spectrum of applications.

The introduction of short discontinuous fibers for reinforcement increases the mechanical properties and expands the performance envelop of these materials. Glass fiber is most commonly used, but carbon fiber finds its way into more demanding applications. Reinforced thermoplastics are generally processed in high-speed production processes, such as injection molding. However, co-mingled glass fiber and thermoplastic fiber can be processed using more traditional composites molding methodology. Good impact resistance, high modulus of elasticity, and fast molding cycle times are the distinctive characteristics of reinforced thermoplastics.

Thermoplastic used in window frame


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