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AkzoNobel is one of the world’s leading industrial companies. Our company is consistently ranked as one of the Chemical industry leaders on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Indexes (DJSI). We have operations in more than 80 countries and employ around 55,000 people worldwide. AkzoNobel’s Functional Chemicals business makes organic peroxides, metal alkyls, organometallic specialties and polymer additives. We supply essential products used in the production and processing of thermoplastic resins, thermoset and elastomeric materials.

Our history in organic peroxides started with producing dibenzoyl peroxide for the bleaching of flour in the 1920’s. Since then, we have added many new organic peroxides to our product portfolio. Today we are the number one in curing systems for thermoset resins, coatings and specialty monomers. Our range of organic peroxides is the world’s largest. We cover classes such as ketone peroxides, diacyl peroxides, peroxyesters, dialkyl peroxides, peroxyketals, hydroperoxides and peroxy(di)carbonates. At AkzoNobel, we look beyond horizons. We believe that what is good for you today in not necessarily good enough for you tomorrow. We are committed to helping you further improve your curing systems and offer the technological answers you need.

For more information, visit online: www.AkzoNobel.com/polymer

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