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AOC is the leading global supplier of resins and specialty materials which enable manufacturers to create robust, durable and versatile products and components.  With strong capabilities around the world in manufacturing and science, AOC delivers unrivaled quality, service and reliability for today, and creates innovative solutions for tomorrow.

Polyester and Vinyl Ester Resins

Composite manufacturers rely on AOC’s complete line of polyester and vinyl ester resins for consistent performance time after time. AOC’s technology includes resins for every composite manufacturing process and market.  AOC scientists continue to develop new technologies and products to help composite manufacturers’ businesses grow.


AOC’s Vibrin® gelcoats bring the highest performance and aesthetics to the surface of composite and cast polymer applications. They deliver the added value of superior quality and consistency, chemical expertise and control, and technical support dedicated to helping customers. AOC’s gelcoat systems meet specific requirements for color, gloss, protection, durability, processability and low styrene content.

Whatever you are making, or the manufacturing processes you are using, discover AOC’s innovative technology, quality, and service.

For more information, visit www.aocresins.com

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AOC product in Consumer Recreation industry
AOC product in the corrosion industry