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Carbon fiber composite raw material

Axiom Materials, Inc., is a progressive prepreg, adhesive, and ancillary composite materials manufacturer founded with the intention of combining a state-of-the-art product platform with customer-focused service and forward-thinking design.

  • We work closely with clients across the globe in aerospace, military, automotive, industrial, sports and medical industries to create exceptional, next-generation solutions.
  • Axiom Materials is an AS9100D & ISO9001:2015 certified progressive materials manufacturer.
  • For more information, please visit online: www.AxiomMaterials.com

Technical Specialization

Ceramic Matrix Composites (OxOx CMC)

Only worldwide qualified manufacturer of OxOx CMC

High Temperature Prepregs

Proprietary phenolic/ablative, polyimide, and cyanate ester prepregs


Structural Prepregs & Adhesive Films

Proprietary epoxy film adhesives, epoxy surfacing film/lightning strike, modified thermoplastic adhesive films, ballistic/low-energy adhesive films, and prepregs for various structures

Flame Retardant & Aircraft Interiors Prepregs

Proprietary phenolic prepregs, polyimide prepregs, and low FST / OSU epoxys

Key Differentiators

  • Extensive product qualifications
  • Focused on technical and operational responsiveness
  • Deep relationships and proven track record of performance
  • Proprietary formulations & materials manufacturing processes
  • Engineering & product development know-how

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