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 “Three Great DuPont Brands With One Common Goal – Protecting Employees”  

ProShield® offers a range of comfortable, soft and breathable limited-use garments that protect against non-hazardous dry particles and light liquid splash applications typically found in industrial situations.


Tyvek® for PPE delivers comfortable and durable protective garments that protect against a wide range of chemical threats and hazards. From the cleanroom to a hazardous cleanup, Tyvek® provides the right PPE for the job. Tyvek® provides inherent barrier protection against lead, asbestos, mold and more.


Tychem® fabrics have been tested by third party labs for permeation against hundreds of chemicals. The result is chemical protection available against hundreds of toxic liquids and vapors from sarin to chlorine gas. In fact, as a company, we helped improve the safety standards for the HAZMAT category. Your workers can feel confident that wearing Tychem® chemical suits can help them do their job at hand.


Want to make sure you have the right protective apparel for YOUR job?  Check out SafeSPEC, DuPont’s database of chemical permeation data and Garment Selector Tools.  Tell us about your specific scenario, and we’ll provide garment options for your consideration.

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