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Since 1972, leading manufacturers have relied on polyurethane foam products and technology from Foam Supplies, Inc. (FSI).

Today, you can get that same quality in FSI Foam Kits, which anyone can use. These easy-to-use kits produce rigid closed-cell polyurethane foam with excellent properties for a multitude of uses – from marine flotation and insulation, to taxidermy, to general purpose. Our Foam Kits are available in various sizes and densities to meet a wide range of needs. For larger volume users, pressurized cylinders are also available.

Foam Supplies’ Foam Kits do not contain ingredients that contribute to Ozone Depletion or Global Warming, offering peace of mind that you’re using a product that not only offers reliable performance, but is also environmentally responsible.

To learn more, visit www.foamsupplies.com.

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