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Marble Elite Alpha Calcium Carbonate

Huber Engineered Materials

Huber Engineered Materials (HEM) has a longstanding history of supplying high performing halogen-free fire retardant additives, ground calcium carbonates and cast polymer solid surface materials.  Based in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.), we are extremely proud of our strong global reputation as a reliable supplier of superior products, backed by responsive customer service and unparalleled technical service support.

Alumina Trihydrate (ATH) is the most widely used fire retardant and smoke suppressant in the world and is commonly found in thermoset composite and solid surface applications.  Our exclusive MoldX® brand of optimized ATH products provide an advanced and efficient fire retardant option for molding compounds. With increased loading levels in all MoldX grades available, this line-up is the optimal choice for your composite applications.  We also carry an array of other ATH brands for your consideration in varying particles sizes and chemical properties.

Huber is a prominent North America supplier of Ground Calcium Carbonate with a wide variety of products with consistent particle sizes. Our four series of Hubercarb® calcium carbonate products are sourced from three strategic U.S. locations: Marble Hill, Georgia; Quincy, Illinois; and Marble Falls, Texas. All three manufacturing sites are prime sources of uniform calcium carbonate, ideal for your highest brightness and purity standards.

Huber’s ATH and GCC products are also used in cast polymer solid surface applications. Our Granite Elite® textured ATH and Onyx Elite® white ATH are renowned for their high translucence, contemporary colors and timely elegance.  Granite Elite is precision formulated and ready to use to manufacture gelcoated cultured granite and solid surfaces such as countertops, sinks, tubs and shower bases.  High-quality ATH gives Onyx Elite its high whiteness and excellent aesthetic properties.  Our Marble Elite® Alpha is designed with a wide particle size distribution and high brightness for use in cultured marble applications.  Manufactured from pure white crystalline calcium marble, Marble Elite® Alpha provides high brightness and a very consistent blue white color to the finished product.

We invite you to contact Huber today for more information about our array of products and to order product samples:
1-866-JMHUBER (1-866-564-8237)

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