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Under the consideration of electronic material vertical integrated production system for our own PCB and CCL manufacturing, and in coordination with raw material self-reliance and cost reduction on No. 6 Naphtha Cracker project for enhancing market competitiveness, we contracted with Japan Tohto Kasei Co., Ltd. on epoxy resin manufacturing technology transfer in December 1985 and completed the 1st phase of Shulin Plant in August 1988, which has the capacity 15,000MT/year of electronic usage grade epoxy resin.

With the maturity on self-designed and production ability, and coping with the demands of new product supply, quality upgrade, raw material self-reliance for CCL and PCB, we constructed the 2nd phase of Shulin Plant in September 1993. That led us the aggregate capacity – 50,000MT/year.

Upon the growth of epoxy resin market demand, we constantly plan to build 1st and 2nd phases of Mailiau Plant in Formosa Plastics No. 6 Naphtha Cracker Industrial Park. The 1st phase of Mailiau Plant has commissioned in March 1998, and gets capacity of 70,000MT/year. The total capacity of Shulin and Mailiau Plant is 120,000MT/year.

With a view to growing with the market demand and upgrading quality, the 2nd phase of Mailau Plant is constructed in progress. After the expansion commission, Nan Ya Epoxy Resin Dep’t will be one of the main suppliers in the world, and has the capacity – 200,000 mt/year.

Upon the mottos of “quality first” and “customer satisfactory,” we concentrate our effort and expertise in order to offer the best product, and technical assistance. Moreover, we are keen to build a good brand and increase our global competitiveness.

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