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unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins in jet-ski

Reichhold is one of the world’s largest suppliers of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins for composites applications. Reichhold offers the broadest manufacturing presence to produce a complete line of resin products, gelcoats and bonding pastes for customers who fabricate composite products ranging from bathtubs to wind turbine blades.

Innovation is the key to Reichhold’s success. Reichhold is a technology leader for development of new materials for both conventional and advanced composites applications. Reichhold offers resin systems that meet and exceed customer expectations of application properties, environmental compliance and end use performance.

Introduction of new ‘green’ resins based on Low VOC and/or styrene free systems in combination with high performance properties shows the dedication of Reichhold’s commitment to development of environmentally friendly products.

Reichhold is Everywhere Performance Matters…

For more information, visit online: www.reichhold.com

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