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composite solid surface kitchen sink

At The R.J. Marshall Company we seek to make our customers successful by supplying innovative, quality focused industrial raw materials for solid surface, cast polymer products and flame retardant solutions for the thermoset and thermoplastics industries.

The R.J. Marshall Company quality policy is to achieve customer satisfaction by assuring that each product delivered or service provided will consistently meet or exceed the establish standards.

Products are available separately or in combination with guaranteed properties such as viscosity, gel time, and color. Special effect fillers and color particulates available as add-ins or blends. Also, Spraylite lightweight filler systems for making high quality fiberglass reinforced acrylic, or laminated structures with the benefits of lowering resin consumption, lowering weight, reducing VOCs and reducing the amount of glass used compared to a mineral filled system.

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Spray Granite Effect Product Information

Densified Granite Effect Series Product Information

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composite solid surface kitchen sink