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Vectorply is a private company with headquarters in Phenix City, Alabama. Vectorply produces more than 350 different styles of high performance fabrics for an unlimited number of composite applications.

Vectorply products are produced in the United States, China and England. These factories give Vectorply the capacity to produce more than 65 million pounds of quality reinforcements annually.

Composite Reinforcement Fabrics

Vectorply produces a range of reinforcement lines tailored to many unique applications, such as our VectorUltra, VectorFusion and LaborSaver lines. VectorUltra specialty products are used widely in high end composite applications such as aerospace, structural applications for the industrial market and sports & recreation. VectorFusion fabrics are engineered for infusion specific applications, and LaborSaver materials are used in applications that demand thicker laminates and low labor content.

Specialty Reinforcements

VectorUltra reinforcements are designed to be used in laminates where lightweight, high stiffness and strength are key elements of the design criteria. Depending upon the application, reinforcements can be manufactured exclusively from high modulus fibers, such as carbon, aramid, and S-glass, or can be offered as hybridized versions with E-glass.

Vectorply produces a variety of different VectorUltra carbon fiber reinforcement architectures to help optimize material properties for any application. VectorUltra architectures are available in unidirectional (0°), biaxial (±45° or 0°/90°), triaxial (+45°/90°/-45°), and quadraxial (0°/+45°/90°/-45°) in a wide range of areal weights.

Vectorply’s goal is to always make it easy for our customers to do business with us.

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Primary Reinforcements
VectorFusion E-2LTi 7200
VectorFusion E-BXM 1715-6VC

Specialized Reinforcements
VectorFusion C-BXi 1205
VectorFusion C-LTi 1105

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