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Vectorply is a private company headquartered in Phenix City, Alabama that produces more than 500 different styles of high-performance fabrics for an unlimited number of composite applications. With a strong focus on engineering and technical services, Vectorply designs and manufactures products to fit specific applications and help customers meet strenuous strength, weight, and stiffness goals while also reducing labor and material costs. Whether it’s on-site technical support by their sales and engineering teams or laminate design assistance though their VectorLam proprietary software, Vectorply’s goal is to always make it easy for customers to do business with them.

Specialty Reinforcements

VectorUltra reinforcements are designed to be used in laminates where light weight, high stiffness and strength are key elements of the design criteria. Depending upon the application, reinforcements can be manufactured exclusively from high modulus fibers, such as carbon, aramid, and S-glass, or offered as hybridized versions with E-glass.

Vectorply produces a variety of different VectorUltra carbon fiber reinforcement architectures to help optimize material properties for any application. VectorUltra architectures are available in unidirectional (0°), biaxial (±45° or 0°/90°), triaxial (+45°/90°/-45°), quadraxial (0°/+45°/90°/-45°), and multi-layer in a wide range of areal weights.

Technical Data Sheets

Vectorply’s detailed technical data sheets for standard products are available at www.vectorply.com under the ‘products’ tab. Specialty product specification sheets are available upon request.

VectorLam Cirrus 3.0

You can register for Vectorply’s free proprietary laminate analysis software at



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