Release Films from Aerovac Protect the Mold and the Part

Vacuum infusion process (VIP) is a trusted method for producing high-quality composite parts. It relies on high-quality process materials to achieve an airtight mold that controls resin flow and produces a consistent part every time. Aerovac supplies a complete line of high-quality process materials that manufacturers need to successfully apply the VIP composites manufacturing process.

Release films are a process material used in a vacuum lay-up that keep the flow media and resin feed lines from sticking to the composite part following cure. They are placed beneath the flow mesh to enable easy removal during demolding to ensure a high surface quality and to protect the mold.

Aerovac release films are available in a range of perforated products for infusion process, or unperforated materials depending on the process application. They are specially formulated to meet a variety of composite manufacturing applications. Release films can be slit to width, cut to shape, and welded into complex 3D shapes, with perforations done in-house to ensure highest quality of traditional pinprick, hot needle, and punched designs in wide range of patterns.

Innovative release film solutions

The Aerovac line of process materials also includes innovative products that are driven by customer demand. In the release film category, Infuply is a combination of a perforated release film and knitted infusion mesh designed to reduce layup time and removal time from the laminate part surface after cure.

The knitted infusion mesh maintains memory from being in raw form and is more conformable than traditional cast grid mesh, allowing the project to be tailored to large, complex parts. Infuply is used in the wind energy and marine markets where the unique assembly of flow mesh and release film is used to make parts with multiple geometries.

Custom Kitting Solutions

Release films, like other vacuum infusion process materials from Aerovac, can be purchased in pre-cut kits to save time on the production floor and to offer a fixed cost for customers. Whether manufacturers need simple predetermined shapes and dimensions or complex multi-layer integrated vacuum bag assemblies, custom kitting solutions offer the opportunity to reduce labor and waste and improve consistency and quality.

Aerovac and Composites One are your source for the innovative process materials needed to successfully implement composite manufacturing processes, including prepreg processing, resin infusion, hand layup, filament winding, compression molding of thermoplastic composites, and glass lamination.

Release films are integral to controlling resin flow and allowing the release of the material once the part is cured, to create consistent, quality composite parts. Learn more about release films and other process materials from Aerovac.

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