The Future of Wind Energy is Now: A Recap of Our Technical Workshop

February 16, 2024 ~

Composites One, in collaboration with the Closed Mold Alliance, IACMI, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and Aerovac, recently hosted an exciting two-day technical workshop at the NREL Flatirons Campus in Boulder, CO. The event focused on advanced composite materials and processes in the Wind Energy industry, aiming to equip the growing Wind Energy workforce with essential manufacturing knowledge and skills.

Day One Highlights: Diving into Advanced Materials and Processes

  • Keynote Presentations: Industry leaders shared insights on the current state and future of wind energy, regulatory updates, and the importance of blade recycling.
  • Live Process Demonstrations: Five live demonstrations showcased the latest techniques and products used in wind blade repair, including:
    • Gurit Blade Repair Materials for In-field Blade Repair Operations
    • Sealant and Adhesive Solutions for Wind Blade Manufacturing and Repair
    • ALEXIT® BladeRep Top Coats and Leading Edge Protection
    • Hand Lay-Up – Wet Vacuum Bagging and Vacuum Infusion techniques for mastering wind turbine blade repair
  • Feature Presentations: Attendees were treated to presentations on the latest advancements in wind energy materials and repair technologies.

The first day concluded with networking opportunities, allowing participants to connect with experts and peers, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Day Two Insights: Exploring Full Potential and Industry Collaboration

  • Expert Panels: Discussions focused on how wind manufacturers can reach their full potential, addressing common pain points in wind turbine blade repair, and the critical role of collaboration between industry and research institutes.
  • Tours and Demonstrations: Attendees toured the National Wind Technology Center, exploring leading-edge wind turbine research and development. They witnessed field testing and validation areas for full-scale turbines, dynamometers for drive train research, and research pads for energy storage and grid integration.

Embracing Innovation and Collaboration

The workshop emphasized the importance of advanced materials and innovative processes in driving the wind energy sector forward. By bringing together industry leaders, technical experts, and key stakeholders, Composites One and its partners showcased their commitment to supporting the growth and success of the wind energy industry.

Looking Ahead

As we reflect on the success of “The Future of Wind Energy is Now” workshop, we are inspired by the progress and potential of the wind energy sector. We look forward to continuing our work with industry partners, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, and supporting the next generation of wind manufacturers and repair technicians.

Stay tuned for more updates and future events from Composites One. Together, we can drive the future of wind energy!