The Rise of Wind Energy

When it comes to wind energy, the cost and efficiency benefits are substantial. According to Wall Street investment firm Lazard Inc., wind has become an inexpensive source of power generation in many parts of the U.S., and the cost of wind energy has fallen by 70 percent over the last decade. There are over 500 U.S. factories building wind turbine parts, and the energy source can, in many cases, be more cost-effective than coal or natural gas plants.

Wind turbines have traditionally been composed of steel and concrete, yet manufacturers are beginning to realize the benefits of incorporating composites into turbine production, and more specifically, turbine repair.

Considering that a typical wind turbine repays its carbon footprint in less than six months and generates carbon-free electricity for the remainder of its 20 to 30-year lifespan, it’s no wonder Composites One is focused on the wind industry, new products, and new technologies.

Your complete source for composites in power generation

Composites One provides solutions to wind energy industry manufacturers including innovative composites materials and process consumables for the construction, maintenance, and repair of blades and other wind components. When these materials are used to repair wind blades, it saves time and costs. Some examples include:

  • Composites One distributes leading-edge wind protection tape that helps maintain output throughout the decades-long lifespan of wind turbines. Wind protection tape made from a polyurethane elastomer is designed to protect wind turbine blade surfaces from puncture, erosion, and UV rays.
  • Blade repair kits of epoxy hand laminating resins are used for structural laminate repairs of wind turbine blades. A wind turbine blade maybe 60-100 square meters long, and often a one-meter square repair can hold up an entire plant for a relatively small repair. Blade repair kits can reduce downtime and drive down costs by allowing for significantly quicker curing times, which have the potential to speed repairs by up to seven hours.
  • Polyurethane fillers are designed for filling and fairing on GRP substrates to make non-structural imperfections on wind turbine rotor blades while reducing downtime and repair costs.

Learn why Composites One is the complete source for composites in wind power generation.