Vacuum Bagging with Prepregs Processes Many Benefits

Prepreg processing is an out-of-autoclave composites manufacturing process that is used to make precision composites parts with reduced costs and emissions. The most common prepreg processing technique is vacuum bagging, used by industries including aerospace, marine, automotive, and wind energy. Prepreg processing is useful for high-demand applications where performance, weight, and mechanical properties are critical.

Prepreg processing involves plies of prepreg materials that are laid up using various methods, with several consumable products layered on top, then consolidated under vacuum bag pressure. The curing process is triggered by the application of heat in a heated tool, oven, or autoclave where heat and high pressure are applied. The temperature and curing cycle vary depending on the materials used and end application requirements.

High-end thermoset or thermoplastic resins are used in the prepreg processing composites manufacturing method, along with a fully impregnated carbon fiber, glass fiber, aramid, or other advanced fiber. The vacuum bagging process and curing cycle achieves a low void content in high-quality composite parts for critical structural applications.

Aerovac processes quality and savings

Aerovac provides all the process materials that are critical to the success of manufacturing parts with vacuum bagging, vacuum infusion, and out-of-autoclave processes. Aerovac’s products include vacuum bagging consumables, infusion materials, customized kitting, and reusable vacuum systems that are used in prepreg processing as well as other manufacturing methods.

Process materials from Aerovac are available as roll stock or as engineered kits, as well as in custom kitting solutions with tailored formatting to fit manufacturers’ specific process materials requirements. Custom kits significantly reduce labor costs and waste.

For prepregs used in prepreg processing that require refrigerator storage, Composites One is your supplier partner with several distribution locations throughout North America with prepreg freezer storage to ensure availability and just-in-time delivery.

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