Why Composite Workers Need Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used in a variety of industries to protect workers from hazards and injuries. In the composite manufacturing industry, one of the most common conditions that personal protective equipment can help prevent is dermatitis. Dermatitis is defined as inflammation, redness, itchiness or general irritation of the skin. Personal protective equipment is one of the best methods for composite manufacturing technicians to use to help prevent occupational dermatitis. 

Personal Protective Equipment Can Help Prevent Dermatitis

Using personal protective equipment to help workers in the composite industry avoid occupational dermatitis may not seem like a step that could have significant results. However, this view is contradicted by one source which reported that more than 60,000 cases of occupational dermatitis occur annually, and this number makes up about 13% of all reported occupational health conditions annually. To reduce these statistics, federal and state safety agencies have analyzed the hazards that composite industry technicians face that may lead to dermatitis. These hazards include: 

  • Airborne synthetic fibers and dust
  • Bonding resins
  • Industrial solvents
  • Other common industrial chemicals

Using personal protective equipment is one method that can help reduce the incidents of occupational dermatitis that composite industry workers face every day.

Types of Personal Protective Equipment that Assist with Dermatitis Prevention

Since dermatitis can lead to more serious medical conditions if untreated, it is crucial that composite industry employees are aware of the types of personal protective equipment that can help them avoid dermatitis. Personal protective equipment that can help to prevent composite industry-related dermatitis includes:

  • Gloves that are well-fitted and appropriate the worker’s daily tasks
  • Disposable bodysuits
  • Booth filters for work areas

These three types of personal protective equipment can be extremely effective at preventing occupational dermatitis cases in the composites industry. However, it is also crucial that personal protective equipment be part of a larger company safety plan. Such a safety plan should include ways to address such things as employee hazard education and safety guideline checks to prevent employees from developing conditions such as dermatitis. 

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