Aerovac Innovation Begins with Customers

Aerovac manufactures high-quality vacuum bagging and process materials that are developed through the process of listening to customers’ demands and tailoring products specifically suited to their end application requirements. As a result, Aerovac supplies products that are ideal for common uses across multiple industry segments.

Product innovation

Aerovac offers several innovative products that help customers easily apply process materials in their manufacturing processes.

VMS3/VMS4 – This multilayer product is designed to remove maximum air from large structures or laminate during the infusion process and cure of composite parts. The product is very effective in removing air from large structures while maintaining the vacuum over the entire surface, which is critical to avoid dry spots. VMS3 and VMS4 products are commonly used among wind energy and marine composite manufacturers, with Aerovac actively developing products for use by aerospace composites manufacturers.

Infuply A combination of a perforated release film and knitted infusion mesh, Infuply is designed to reduce layup time and remove time from the laminate part surface after cure. The knitted infusion mesh maintains memory from being in raw form and is, therefore, more conformable than traditional cast grid mesh, allowing the project to be tailored to large, complex parts. As such, it is very popular in the wind energy and marine markets where the unique assembly of flow mesh and release film is used to make parts with multiple geometries.

Pre-cut formats – Frequently adopted for its employee safety and waste reduction benefits, Aerovac provides vacuum film that comes tailored to the shape of the customer’s required parts. Pre-cut formats eliminate 30 percent of the weight that operators need to handle when positioning film for manufacturing processes. In wind manufacturing facilities, it reduces the need for overhead crane use, lending to the primary benefit of employee safety.

Aerovac listens to customers to understand application requirements and develops innovative solutions to add value to customer relationships. As a globally recognized brand with value-added solutions for aerospace, wind energy, and industrial customers, our established distribution model in North America adds tremendous value for customers who are faced with freight challenges in today’s distribution environment.

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