packaging composite raw materials

Visionary Thinking

As the leader in composites distribution, Composites One is at the forefront of the composites industry. In order to provide our customers with all of the raw materials and production supplies that they need, we work hard to keep up with the latest processes and technologies. That means staying on top of emerging markets, like wind and alternative energy sources, and providing complete solutions.

When a manufacturer works with Composites One, they can get all their composites products from a single organization with more than 30 locations, hundreds of supplier partners, and the broadest product line available.

To help manufacturers compete in industries like aerospace, ballistics, infrastructure, and more, we not only carry thousands of products, including primary and specialized reinforcements, resins, gel coats, and catalysts, we also offer a wide array of advanced composites, like high-performance thermoset and thermoplastic systems, prepregs, and specialty core materials, among other products.

We also offer innovative programs like Kit Concepts through Ubique Technologies, that can help your business grow. Kit Concepts offers a cleaner and more precise material solution for closed mold manufacturers. And for process expertise, manufacturers can count on the Closed Mold Alliance. Led by Composites One, along with Magnum Venus Plastech and RTM North, the Closed Mold Alliance offers the training and resources to help manufacturers operate successful closed mold shops.

At Composites One, all of the top composites products and resources can be found all in one place. That’s the power of one.

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Vision Statement

Composites One will be valued by our customers as the most dynamic, innovative and dependable supplier of composite materials.