Building & Constructions Raw Materials and Products at Composites One

Industry: Construction

Composite materials are used globally in building and construction and provide significant advantages over traditional building materials. Application areas include structural components, cladding and facades, roofing, doors and windows, acoustics, rehabilitation, and the fabrication of unique structures and components. Composites One is at the forefront of raw materials supply to molders operating in the construction industry.

Composites products provide light weight, strength, durability and design flexibility that is not available with other materials. These characteristics provide architects, designers and engineers real design flexibility and freedom to create new and unique structures. Composite material’s lightweight also allows for ease of use, requiring less expensive equipment and reducing overall manufacturing costs.

Composites One offers a wide range of products for the building and construction industry, such as core materials, reinforcements, and fire retardant resins and additives. Our large supply network means manufacturers have many options for the finest products provided by the top vendors.

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