Materials for Wind Power & Renewable Energy Products at Composites One

Industry: Wind Energy / Power

Wind and other sustainable energy sources are rapidly becoming a larger part of the overall power supply and Composites One has the products and technical support needed to help make manufacturers more successful.

Composites are ideally suited for the manufacture of wind turbine blades along with other innovative energy generating solution like wave and tide technology. With a increasing reliance on sustainable and renewable energy sources, worldwide governments and power generators are turning to products made from composites to meet the increased demand for power.

Composites One provides solutions to wind energy and other power generation industries with innovative raw materials, unmatched technical assistance, along with materials management and logistical support. Composites One is focused both on OEMs and blade repair within the wind industry by providing the complete package of raw materials and process consumables needed for the construction, maintenance and repair of wind components.

In addition to supplying products and support to renewable energy producers, Composites One also supports the power transmission markets and manufacturers in the more traditional oil, gas and coal markets. Composites One is the complete source for composites in power generation.

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