Material Suppliers for Manufacturing Defense & Ballistic Products at Composites One

Industry: Defense / Ballistics

Composites offer real solutions for the defense and ballistics markets and Composites One assists manufacturers in choosing the right materials to meet specific products requirements, standards and specifications.

Manufactures in these markets require performance from material solutions that meet stringent specifications. Composites applications are increasing in military and ballistics markets as the advantages of strength, lightweight, and performance are realized by specifying agencies. New materials and technology are constantly being developed to address threat mitigation requirements.

Composites One is uniquely positioned to offer composites manufacturers a variety of solutions to meet the requirements of end users. The range of products offers material design flexibility and options to manufacturers – From advanced fibers, high performance core, thermoset resins, comingled thermoplastics and other innovative materials. Composites One provides a vast array of solutions, with technical support from our advanced composites experts and product support that is unsurpassed in the industry.