Aerovac Process Materials and Vacuum Consumables from Composites One

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Composites One provides a full array of the Aerovac process materials and consumables that customers require to make high-quality composites tooling. Innovative materials, such as sealant tapes, peel ply, release films, release fabrics, bagging films, infusion mesh and other vacuum consumables, are available from Composites One.

In addition to making these materials available with quick lead times and no minimum order quantities through our nationwide delivery service, the experts at Composites One help customers in selecting the materials that are ideally suited for their manufacturing requirements. We consider process parameters, such as autoclave, out of autoclave (OOA), or infusion, as well as the maximum process temperature.

With a clear understanding of the production requirements, our experienced team can guide customers in selecting materials that will get the job done quicker and easier.

Focus on vacuum systems
The process of vacuum infusion is useful in aerospace manufacturing. The vacuum infusion process molds resins and fibers with extreme consistency and precision through the power of vacuum, with the result being a lighter finished laminate. Here are some innovative vacuum infusion materials available from Aerovac:

• Influply 2: A perforated release film combined with knitted infusion mesh that strips easily from the laminate surface. Influply 2 reduces layup time and complexity and is easily tailored for manufacture of large, complex parts.
• Flow media: Used in combination with peel ply or perforated release film for fast flow characteristics. It is peeled off after the initial cure, removing any excess resin, and offers many options for variable flow control.
• Custom kitting: For time-consuming vacuum bagging applications with complex shapes and high-volume production, customized kitting solutions save time and waste. Prefolded bags (vacuum bagging film) are ideal for aerospace applications, such as wings, stabilizer, fuselage barrels and winglets.

Composites One carries all you need for your composites tooling and vacuum consumables needs, with nationwide delivery and technical support to help you implement a customized solution in your production environment.

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