Aerovac Process Materials are Designed for Vacuum Infusion Success

The many benefits of closed mold processes vs. open molding are leading manufacturers in numerous industries to make the switch in their composites manufacturing processes. Transitioning to a closed mold process can result in reducing waste, emissions, material cost, and cycle times, as well as achieving a more consistent, repeatable process when it comes to making composite parts.

To maximize the efficiencies available with closed mold, specifically in the vacuum infusion process (VIP), it is important for manufacturers to use quality process materials as part of their manufacturing operations. Aerovac manufactures and supplies a variety of materials that allow manufacturers to take full advantage of the benefits of vacuum infusion composite manufacturing.

Process Materials from Aerovac

Distributed exclusively from Composites One, Aerovac manufactures process materials in the following categories to help customers in the aerospace, marine, automotive, wind energy, laminated glass, and other industrial sectors to improve their manufacturing outcomes.

These high-quality process materials from Aerovac play a crucial role in the vacuum infusion process.

  • Bagging films provide an airtight cover over the laminate stack. A robust bagging film offers toughness and features like humidity resistance to achieve maximum vacuum integrity.
  • Release films keep the flow media and resin feed lines from sticking to the composite part following cure.
  • Breather fabrics ensure a clear pathway for volatiles to escape during vacuum infusion.
  • Peel ply allows vacuum consumables to be removed after the laminate has cured.
  • Sealant tape seals the vacuum film to the mold. A solid seal allows for low void content and high vacuum integrity.

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Aerovac ensures that manufacturers have the right materials for the job. These process materials are available in standard roll, slit widths, and cut to shape formats, and are easily customizable to meet unique manufacturing requirements.

As part of the Closed Mold Alliance, the experts at Composites One help customers select the correct process, equipment, and materials to complete their specific manufacturing job and troubleshoot any issues that may occur. This expertise is necessary to achieve the significant benefits that are available with vacuum infusion. Composites One customers can trust they will receive high-quality process materials from Aerovac with the outcomes of reduced waste and increased productivity while getting a reliably consistent, quality composite part every time.

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