Benefits of Using Composites for Canadian-Made Hockey Sticks

composite hockey sticksComposite hockey sticks have taken over the hockey stick industry throughout Canada and beyond. 

Benefits of composite materials for Canadian-manufactured composite hockey sticks

Composite materials were first used to make hockey sticks in 1999. Since then, composite hockey sticks manufactured in Canada have been a mainstay of professional hockey leagues around the world, including the National Hockey League.

An excellent example of a modern composite hockey stick is the Super Tacks AS1 from Canada-based CCM Hockey. Composites allow this stick to have not just one but two energy-storing flex points, which are commonly known as kick points. Having two kick points in their sticks allow players to shoot the hockey puck harder and faster without sacrificing lightness and durability.

Composite materials bring many other benefits to hockey sticks. A few of these benefits include:

  • Increasing the energy stored from a player’s stick swing
  • A higher resistance to breakage from impacts with the ice
  • A significant increase in stick shaft and blade durability
  • Being 35 percent lighter than sticks made from wood

With all of these and other benefits, composites are sure to be the material of choice for Canadian hockey stick manufacturers for many more years.

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