Canada & U.S. Partnership: Helping Auto Companies Design with Composites

The United States has one of the largest auto industries in the world, and now they’re partnering with Canadian companies to help them design composite parts for the next generation of safe and fuel efficient North American automobiles. 

How Canada-U.S. Partnership Could Bring Composite Benefits to Future Automobiles

Carbon fiber-reinforced plastics are a type of composite material that is being increasingly used in vehicles such as boats, aircraft and automobiles. 

In fact, for a number of years now, competitive racing franchises have been using this material to boost the performance of their vehicles. However, for the first time, this composite material is being considered for inclusion in the chassis of a commercially-produced automobile.

This innovation is the result of a carbon fiber-reinforced plastic high-volume chassis front subframe currently being developed in a joint venture between U. S. automobile giant, Ford Motor Company, and the Canadian company, Magna International, based in Aurora Ontario.

Though still in the developmental and testing phase, this carbon fiber-reinforced plastic subframe would bring the benefits of composites to parts of the commercially-produced automobile that have long been dominated by metals like aluminum and steel.

The benefits of using composite materials in the subframe of a vehicle include:

  • The fact that they have the same stiffness and strength as steel with 20% less mass
  • Drastic improvements in fuel efficiency due to weight savings
  • The highest energy absorption of any structural material in accident situations

With all of these benefits, carbon fiber-reinforced plastics could boost the North American auto industry to new heights of safety and fuel efficiency. 

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