Case Study: Rail Line Landmark is Rebuilt Using the Pultrusion Process

Pultrusion is a cost-effective process used for high-volume productivity. Typically used for composites, this process is often adopted when large infrastructures need to be rebuilt or repaired with new composite materials. One such example is the rebuilding of Great Britain’s extensive pedestrian bridges.

This specific bridge stretched roughly 110 meters and was built predominantly from steel. Over the years, many sections of the bridge had to be repaired due to corrosion caused by the wet conditions of the environment. Finally, Network Rail, the organization responsible for the upkeep of this pedestrian bridge, decided to replace these traditional materials with composite pieces that are resistant to corrosion. This transition to composites would reduce the need for continual maintenance and repair, which would ultimately save the company money over time.


Pultrusion process is used for high-volume productivity

This bridge is large, and Network Rail needed a way to produce the proper I-beams and other pieces to repair this bridge is a short amount of time. Because this is a prominent pedestrian bridge, they didn’t have the luxury of closing the bridge for an extended amount of time. The repairs needed to be completed quickly, which is why they chose the pultrusion process to build the pieces.

The pultrusion process works by pulling fibers through a liquid resin and then directly into a heated metal die. The fibers are cured as they pass through the die, which is shaped as the desired product. Because of the continuous nature of the pultrusion process, the quality of products manufactured is consistent, which reduces the amount of end work required.

Overall, the pultrusion process was used to assemble 564 meters of FRP fencing and materials.


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