Case Study: The Success of Closed Mold Processes in the Wind Energy Industry

The closed molding process is a low-cost solution for high-volume production. This process creates products by curing composite materials, such as fibers or resin, inside a two-sided, closed mold or inside a vacuum. The products made from the closed molding process are highly accurate and require very little post-production work, which makes the manufacturing process more streamlined and helps to cut down on wasted costs and time. 

In this case study of Coruneas de Composites (CMC), a manufacturer that specializes in building nacelle housing for the wind industry, the benefits of using closed mold processes will be highlighted.

Why Closed Molding is the Solution for the Wind Industry

Before Coruneas de Composites made the switch to closed mold processes, they were relying on the open mold hand lay-up process to manufacture the nacelle housing for wind turbines. While this process did produce the housing they needed, it required several extra steps to ensure the correct thickness and stiffness. While these calculations were important, they slowed down the production of the nacelle housing. 

Faced with the desire to produce nacelle housing at a higher volume but still maintain the quality of their product, Coruneas de Composites turned to the closed molding process. Specifically, they chose to implement the vacuum infusion process, which is a type of closed molding. With the correct calculations, they were able to produce a higher volume of products with the same, if not better, quality that they were getting from the previously used open mold process. 

Benefits of Closed Molding 

Based on the case study, the most prominent benefits of choosing closed mold processes for manufacturing products is a higher quantity and quality of product compared to those made through an open molding process. The benefits of choosing vacuum infusion as your method of closed molding are that you can use the same low-cost equipment used for open molding, providing companies with a cost-effective solution that yields better results. 

Composites One is the Leading Expert in Closed Molding Processes

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