Composite Deck Benefits Infrastructure of Blackfriars Bridge

Bridges are just one of the infrastructure components that can benefit from the use of composite materials. The Blackfriars bridge in London, Ontario, Canada, is a perfect example of the type of structures that can benefit from composites. Composite bridge deck panels were able to bring many benefits to this historic structure during a recent rehabilitation project.

The benefits offered by composite bridge deck panels

When the Blackfriars bridge became a part of London, Ontario’s, infrastructure in 1875, modern composite materials were completely unknown in the infrastructure field. Now, this is historic structure is reaping the benefits of composites during its restoration.

The goal of the Blackfriars bridge restoration project is to use as many of the original bridge components as possible. This will allow the restoration team to recreate a structure that can continue to serve London, Ontario, for many years to come while still retaining the beauty of the original structure. However, it was discovered that the combined weight of modern vehicular traffic and a reinforced concrete bridge deck would have been too much weight for the structure to bear.

That’s where the benefits of composite bridge deck panels come in. These panels bring benefits to the bridge that include:

  • Being 80% lighter than the reinforced concrete panels that were the alternative
  • Helping to maintain the beauty of this historic structure
  • Having a high resistance to corrosive materials
  • Reducing reassembly and maintenance time requirements
  • Extending the service life of the bridge by at least 100 years

All of these benefits illustrate what a positive thing composites can be for infrastructure applications such as automobile bridges, pedestrian bridges and other types of bridge structures.

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