Composite Modular Walls Benefit Housing Infrastructure

In the infrastructure sector, housing has long been the place for materials like wood and concrete, but now composite modular wall systems maybe about to change that because composite building materials offer significant benefits when compared to traditional materials.

Benefits of composite modular walls for housing infrastructure

Housing infrastructure is facing a serious and impending crisis worldwide. This crisis is that increases in world population are far outstripping our capacity to build houses. In fact, the United Nations estimates that approximately 440 million Urban households will need accommodations by 2025.Meanwhile, the sustainability of traditional materials, especially wood for house framing, isn’t able to keep pace with this housing demand.

However, composite modular walls may offer a solution to the problems of inadequate housing and sustainability of housing materials. For one thing, composite wall systems allow houses to be constructed more quickly than they can be with normal materials. Indeed, one company was able to construct a 45 m2 (484 ft2) demonstrator house in just 7 days. With these kinds of speeds possible, building new houses for families could take significantly less time. Many industry experts feel that it could be possible to build full-size, single family houses with composite modular walls in about 12 percent of the time it takes to build a traditional house. This means that more houses could be constructed in less time to meet projected housing demands.

Also, since these walls are made of composite materials, there are fewer sustainability issues. This is especially true now that many companies are developing viable composite material recycling processes. Using composite walls and composite material recycling, near 100 percent sustainability could be possible for houses of the future. In fact, it may be possible for old composite houses to be recycled and provide all of the materials necessary to build new houses.

Faster build times and greater sustainability are only two of the benefits offered by composite wall systems. These walls offer many other benefits as well, which include:

  • Being manufactured with integral insulation, wiring and window and door openings
  • The ability to be shipped in one compact container
  • Increased house lifespan thanks to composite materials
  • Significantly lowering labor and transportation costs to build one house

All of these benefits are huge for the housing infrastructure sector because they may make houses faster to build and more affordable in the future. This may, in turn, help to meet the demands of future world housing crises.

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