Composites One Educates about Closed Mold Processes Saving Companies Time and Money

Composites One is considered the leading process expert in the composites industry, and continually strives to educate our customers about more efficient ways that composite parts can be manufactured. These composite part processes have been proven to save both time and money. Many of the processes that Composites One features in its live demonstrations are Closed Mold Processes.

If you’re a business owner whose company is built on the composites and high performance material industries, these more efficient, environmentally-friendly production processes have probably peaked your interest over the years. Closed Mold Processes allow manufacturers the opportunity to create quality products more consistently, with lower waste and post-production work. Here’s how the processes work:

How Do Closed Mold Processes Work?

Closed Mold Processes can be simplified to four steps:

Step 1: Line the base of the mold with gel coat, dry reinforcements, core materials, and other related products.

Step 2: Close the mold and use a vacuum pump to create a seal.

Step 3: Use an injection pump to inject resin into the mold through the closed cavity.

Step 4: After the resin is cured, open the mold and the part is ready for removal and next steps.

This process can be explained more in-depth reading this article on Closed Mold Processes here and watching the related videos. Closed Mold Processes allows companies to manufacture more consistent products in less time. Manufacturers also benefit from a reduced post-production work time which can lead to higher profits and lower cost of production.

Composites One – Leading Supplier of Composites Material

Composites One is the leading supplier of composites and high performance materials. As the largest provider of composites in North America, Composites One brings all the latest technology to its customers to help them be successful! Closed Mold Processes are just some of the processes that our technical leaders at Composites One consistently share with our customers. Contact us today to learn more about how you can streamline your manufacturing process or to learn about how our Composites One team can provide you with composites and high performance materials.