Composites One Offers Aerospace Customers Access to Industry Leading Suppliers

Aerospace manufacturers are relying increasingly on advanced composite materials to build next-generation aircraft that deliver improved strength and performance against environmental conditions. Composites One works with the leading suppliers of products and materials that aerospace composites manufacturers need to optimize their production operations.

The industry has evolved from producing all-metal aircraft at the turn of the 20th century to the modern Airbus A350, built of 52% carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP)[1]. The future of the aerospace industry will continue looking towards the composites industry as growing uses for composite materials and composite manufacturing processes emerge. The result will be lighter, stronger, and more cost-effective aircrafts that maximize fuel efficiency and minimize environmental impact.

3M products available from Composites One

Aerospace composites manufacturers are working to reduce weight, improve production rates and increase the efficiency of structural aircraft parts. Composites One helps them meet these demands with 3M solutions for fabricating, bonding, and protecting composite structures to meet stringent aircraft design requirements.

Composites One is an authorized distributor of 3M OEM-specified film adhesives, primers, and surface protection products. This partnership allows manufacturers to source the products they need to achieve lightweight and high performance for interior, structural or repair applications in aerospace.

3M is one of Composites One’s supplier partners providing value to customers in the aerospace industry by offering high-quality adhesives and sealants in the aerospace composites product line.

Learn more about the portfolio of 3M film adhesive and primers solutions that are available from Composites One.