Composites One Provides Complete Product Portfolios and Technical Support for Prepreg Processing and Prepreg Tooling

Prepregs are reinforcement materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber that have been pre-impregnated with a thermoplastic or thermoset resin. Prepreg composites are the most common materials used in advanced composite manufacturing, for applications that demand high performance, such as in the Aerospace industry.

In composites manufacturing, prepreg processing is used to consolidate the laminate and achieve a high fiber volume and low void content. To accomplish this, vacuum integrity is critical to the prepreg process. The technical experts at Aerovac and Composites One guide manufacturing customers in selecting and preparing the process material stack, which is integral to maintaining even pressure and ultimately getting a void-free laminate. With an ideal stack, the process can achieve ideal fiber volume fraction, maintain low void content, and produce desired structural properties of the part.

Composites One has the Aerovac process materials and technical support expertise for prepreg processing

The use of high-quality process materials, such as bagging film, breather fabric, release film, peel ply, and sealant tape, are critical to prepreg processing. Composites One offers a complete line of Aerovac process materials needed for prepreg processing, along with the technical support to guide manufacturers in accurately using these materials in prepreg processing.

Along with offering the most extensive product line available, the team of dedicated technical experts at both Aerovac and Composites One are available to help manufacturers make important decisions about selecting the right products, process materials, and techniques to properly use in prepreg processing for their specific application needs.

Prepreg tooling

Prepreg is also used to make tools used in composites manufacturing. With inherent toughness and ability to perform for hundreds of production cycles, composites prepreg tooling can meet many demands of high-rate and high-temperature composites production. Certified prepregs are especially viable for use in the Aerospace market, as well as in Marine, Military and Defense, and Automotive. Composite prepreg tooling is an option for manufacturers who need to minimize the cost of tooling, as a lower long-term cost solution for rate tooling.

Aerovac and Composites One are a superior partner to composites manufacturers, offering technical expertise and localized on-site support to assist customers on proper techniques and best practices to apply in prepreg processing and other composites manufacturing processes.

Customers can access complete product portfolios from over 700 industry-leading composites suppliers, plus the safety and assurance of a vetted supply chain with reliable delivery. Whenever manufacturers need support, our dedicated technical experts in Aerospace composites and other industries are readily available to help ensure products are used most efficiently in composites manufacturing processes.

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